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French conversation workshop with a native French teacher in Melbourne

Ateliers de conversation

Why practice conversation?

As a French language tutor, teaching in Melbourne for the past nine years, every year I have French language learners coming to me for help with their oral and conversational skills. Most of them do not feel confident enough to have a conversation in French language, because of the very small amount of time they get to practice speaking in class. 


Indeed, learning how to read and write in a foreign language uses a different part of the brain as the one used for speaking and understanding oral language. Therefore, one can write and read at an advanced level and feel like a beginner when having a conversation. 

Moreover, learning takes repetition. So, if a student barely experiences speaking, they won't have enough practice to be able to do it confidently and naturally in a conversation.

Practicing regularly, in a friendly, relaxed and non-academic environment, is the best way to improve conversational skills.

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