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VCE French Conversation Workshop

As a French language tutor, teaching in Melbourne for the past ten years, every year I have Year 11 and Year 12 students coming to me for help with the Oral component of the VCE exam. Most of them feel unprepared, because of the very small amount of time they get to practice speaking in school. 


Indeed, learning how to read and write in a foreign language uses a different part of the brain as the one used for speaking and understanding oral language. Therefore, one can write and read at an advanced level and feel like a beginner when having a conversation. 

Moreover, learning takes repetition. So, if a student barely experiences speaking, they won't have enough practice to be able to do it confidently and naturally. 

About the Workshop

With this in mind, I have created this 10 weeks VCE French conversation workshop, aimed at students in need of extra practice to feel confident on Oral day. These 30 minutes online workshops will allow small groups (from 3 to 4 students) to practice conversation. Each week will focus on a specific theme and the students will be given a set of questions to prepare for each session. 

Weekly themes


Week 1 : se présenter / introducing oneself

Week 2 : la famille et les animaux de compagnie / family and pets

Week 3 : Le lycée / High-school

Week 4 : Les loisirs et les petits boulots / leisure and student job

Week 5 : le sport et la santé / sport and health

Week 6 : projets et espoirs / projects and hopes

Week 7 : parler du passé / talking about the past

Week 8 : le Français, la Francophonie et moi / French language, the French speaking world and me

Week 9 : sujets d'actualité / News topics

Week 10 : conversation et questions / conversation and questions

When, where, how much?

Autumn 2024 session : Weekdays, to be determined depending on demand.

Between 15th of April and 28th of June.

All sessions take place online, on Zoom.

How much : 200$ for our 10 sessions workshop (20$ per session).


What's included : - 10 online sessions, 30 minutes each, in a small group (3 to 4 students).

                               - set of questions to prepare for each session.

                               - personalised feedback and question correction between the sessions.

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