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Which VCE French Tutor is Right for You: Professional Teacher or Former VCE Student?

Updated: Apr 9

Drawing of a student with long hair and glasses, wearing a school uniform, studiying on a laptop.

Are you a VCE student sweating over your French exam and thinking about getting a bit of tutoring help? As a tutor who focuses on French for VCE students in Victoria, Australia, I get how big a deal it is to pick the right tutor. In this blog post, we're gonna chat about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing between a pro teacher and a former VCE student for your VCE French exam prep.

Sifting through all the tutoring options out there can be a real headache, especially when you're trying to weigh up the pros and cons of different ways to learn. So should you go for the know-how of an experienced teacher or the fresh insights of a former VCE student who's just survived the exam themselves? This choice can really shape your learning journey and your chances of smashing the VCE French exam.

So come along with me as we check out the pros and cons of both options, giving you some top tips to help you pick the best fit for your learning style, goals, and wallet. Whether you're after some structured guidance from a seasoned pro or you want some real talk from someone who's been in your shoes, this post aims to give you all the info you need to pick the perfect tutor for your VCE French adventure.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Former VCE Student

1. Been There, Done That

Two high-scjool students waering a school uniform and studying together.
  • Former VCE students know the struggle firsthand—they've battled through the trenches of the VCE French exam.

  • They totally get what you're going through and can dish out real-world tips and tricks based on their own journey.

  • Plus, they're likely to keep things chill and relatable, which can be a breath of fresh air for students looking for a more laid-back vibe.

2. Affordability and Flexibility

  • Ex-VCE students usually charge less than pro teachers. They're just getting their feet wet in the teaching world, so they're not going to hit you with the same kind of fees a seasoned professional might.

  • They're usually more chill about scheduling too, ready to work around your work schedule or footy practice.

3. Limitations in Teaching Skills

  • Ex-VCE students don't usually have formal training in language teaching and pedagogy. They might not have the skills and ability to understand your needs and assist you effectively.

  • They might find it tricky to explain complex rules of grammar, or when they are required to provide comprehensive, detailed, and constructive feedback on written assignments, which could slow down your learning journey.

  • They lack the training and technique to efficiently help with pronunciation.

  • While they may be knowledgeable in their respective fields, their teaching style and methods may not yield the same results as those of professional teachers.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Professional Teacher

Drawing of a teacher wearing her hair in a bun, helping a student with long hair study for a French exam.

1. Expertise and Experience

  • Professional teachers typically have formal training and extensive experience in teaching French as a second language.

  • They are familiar with the VCE curriculum, exam format, and assessment criteria.

  • Expert teachers provide help carefully thought out and tailored to match your unique way of learning and individual needs.

  • At Sophie French Tutor, all the teachers are qualified French teachers with experience teaching French as a second language under their belt. I have personally helped VCE French students gear up for the SACs and exam for over a decade now. At Sophie French Tutor, all the teachers are well-trained and experienced in getting you ready for French exams, in addition to having specific knowledge on the VCE French written and oral exam. At Sophie French Tutor, lessons aren't just a one-size-fits-all deal – your teacher considers your strengths, weak spots, and specific needs, creating a space that promotes your personal learning and development.

2. Pedagogical Skills

  • Professional teachers are like teaching ninjas, armed with all the best tricks to help you master French.

  • From breaking down tricky grammar to diving into the depths of French culture, they've got the skills to make it all make sense.

  • Pronunciation is a tricky part of learning French. Pro teachers are trained to fine-tune your pronunciation, helping you nail those tricky French sounds like a pro and giving you that extra edge in your exams and beyond.

  • At Sophie French Tutor, we have accumulated over 10 years of VCE-specific resources, tricks and tips, to get you up to speed and confident for the exam. We have the tools and skills to help you improve your pronunciation. And guess what? You'll even get to learn from a native French speaker, bringing that authentic French flair and culture straight to your lessons.

3. Consistency and Accountability

  • Ever had a teacher who's always on your case about homework and deadlines? Well, that's what you'll get with a pro teacher.

  • They're there for you, offering ongoing support and guiding you through the whole VCE prep process.

  • They really care about your academic wins and are all in to help you be your best self on exam day.

  • At Sophie French Tutor, we're all about keeping you on track and making sure you're smashing those goals, with weekly lessons and extra practice available. we are with you until the last minute. So when exam day rolls around, you'll be ready to strut in there with confidence, knowing you've got a pro by your side every step of the way.

So, Ex-VCE candidate or pro teacher, for your VCE French tutoring ?

An Ex-VCE student will be a good match for you if :

  • You are already achieving good grades and you only want a little practice and feedback.

  • You are quite self-motivated in your studies.

  • You just need some guidance and tips to get in the top %.

  • You don’t need much help with pronunciation.

Get a professional teacher if :

  • You have gaps in your knowledge and need sustained help with grammar and conjugation.

  • You need help mastering French pronunciation.

  • You need help with feeling more confident, especially for the oral part of the VCE French exam.

  • You need someone to keep you on track until the last minute.

Want to chat about your options? Get in touch here and we'll set up a quick 15-minute Zoom call.


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