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Find French resources in Melbourne

Updated: Jan 19

French News

A person wearing a French striped shirt, seating on a wooden bench and reading a newspaper

No need to be a native speaker, or even perfectly fluent, to read the news in French. News articles are shorter than a novel and there are so many topics covered that everyone should find something interesting.

For short articles with easy vocabulary (from A2) : or Le journal des enfants (a news website designed for kids).

For quality articles, with formal vocabulary (from B1) : Le Monde.

Radio news in slow French with Le journal en français facile from Radio France Info (from A2 / B1).

News from the French speaking comunity all over the world : Le Petit Journal (written press), TV5 Monde ( videos, documentaries, music clips for every level).


A man holding a smartphones and looking at some apps. There is a coffee cup and some notebooks on the table.

The web 2.0 is wonderful for language learners. So are all these apps that follow you everywhere, on your computer at home as well as on your tablet or smartphone on the go!

To learn and revise vocabulary and conjugation anywhere : with Quizlet, make your own flashcards and learn French vocabulary on the tram!

For a fun and entertaining daily practice, Duolingo offers a good complement to your weekly French lesson.

Find a podcast in French, or about French, and listen to French music, from the classics to the most recent hits, on Spotify. Find my Spotify French playlists here.

French immersion in Melbourne

Iconinc photo of Flinders Station, in Melbourne. A tram is crossing the street and a horse carriage is crossing on the other side

Even if you can't travel to France, there are lots of ways to immerse yourself into French culture.

Yes, it is possible to watch French films and documentaries, with English subtitles, on free-to-air TV : watch French movies and TV series on SBS and SBS on demand ! Moreover, SBS broadcasts daily news from France 2 and International daily news from France 24.

Find and borrow for free Tintin, Asterix, Le Petit Prince and much more in any of the Melbourne City Libraries and at your local library.

Hungry for French gastronomy ? There are so many French and French inspired cafés, restaurants and bakeries in Melbourne and its suburbs that it would deserve a dedicated foodie blog (and a substantial budget) ! Just Google it ! In most places, the staff speaks French and is happy to have a chat with you.

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